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  • 40 Brain Games

    Play awesome games that challenge your memory, attention, language, and problem solving skills.

  • Personalized Daily Workout

    Enjoy a daily mental workout based on your performance and the skills you'd like to improve.

  • Track Your Performance

    Track your progress and measure your performance in different cognitive skills.

Award-Winning Training Program

MindPal provides you with a personal daily program that adjusts over time to reach optimal results. MindPal has been awarded "App of the Day" by Apple, and chosen in "Apps We Love" by Google. It has also won the People’s Choice Award in the 2nd International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA MENA), the longest standing and highest regarded mobile games award program.

Fun Brain Games

Our team of educational experts and game designers work together to create fun games based on common cognitive tasks. The games are designed to improve your memory, attention, language, and math skills.

Get Smarter Everyday

Get in-depth insights about your brain and see how you rank compared to other users in your age group.

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